Hello and welcome!

Modern man will never find peace until he comes into harmony with the place where he lives.– Carl Jung

Welcome. I created this site to support a fundraising campaign for the project, “Hidden Sides of Jerusalem.” Having grown up in Jerusalem and being involved in this research for the last five years, I know that many people experience Jerusalem to be a divided place where psychological and physical barriers stop us from going to certain places in the city, which we call our home. This project, planned to take place in Jerusalem beginning February 2013, over the period of two months, brings together eight Israeli and Palestinian women, to physically travel, visit, and explore together places, all over Jerusalem, that touch their heart. The workshop provides an opportunity for each woman to be witnessed and heard by her Jewish, Christian, and Muslim neighbors, in a place meaningful to her. It also provides each woman an opportunity to go places she may have been reluctant to go to by herself.

The project is the final phase of my Ph.D. research in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and is done in collaboration with The Interreligious Coordinating Committee in Israel. Visit ICCI at http://www.icci.org.il.

In this site you will find more information about the workshop, excerpts from the dissertation proposal, my personal connection to the topic, as well as a blog with weekly updates from Jerusalem. I welcome your comments, suggestions, and any question you may have.

Don’t miss out on the wonderful song titled “Bukra Fi Mishmish” (Arabic for “when pigs fly” or when the impossible happens) by Israeli and Palestinian youth. You can find it at the bottom of this page.

Support this project by donating and spreading the word at  https://rally.org/Jerusalem